Atahualpa lives!

The blog you are reading is (was, until yesterday) based on the popular Wordpress CMS. The theme is Atahualpa. Given my inexpertise in the field, I don’t even know why I chose it about ten years ago. But over time I realized that for me it is a gem.
Unfortunately for some years now, since the Wordpress team tried to force the theme developers to use the Customizer, Atahualpa seems to have its fate sealed. With each release of WP something bad happened, and it seems that with 5.5 the situation has come to an end. I myself could no longer create new posts on my site due to various issues between WP and Atahualpa.
I tried to find, in my complete incompetence, some modern theme that could replace it. I didn’t find any, although it’s probably my fault too; I don’t give a damn for example that the theme contains many images, scroll down the header and so on. On the other hand, I don’t like that you have to choose if you prefer to have your logo or the site name in the header, but not both. And I don’t like that the theme claims to be fluid, then it is not (or maybe, it is only in the pro version). At one point I wondered if I was the only one in this situation, and say, it turns out that I am not.
In fact, there is a project called ClassicPress, which is a fork of WP to 4.9 (I think) for those who don’t have stars in their eyes. Switch WP -> CP and my loyal website theme works again. I don’t know what the future holds, but CP appears to be actively developed. We’ll see, in the meantime we’re here and I’ll change the theme when I find one I like more, not when the WP team decides it’s time to change. Anyway, thanks WP, CP and Atahualpa.

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