HP Care Pack Odyssey

I would like to tell the adventure I had with HP support about a failure to my Probook 470 G3 notebook. Aware of the importance this notebook has for me, a few days after the purchase I decided to buy an HP Care Pack extended warranty for it, choosing the most complete option available which
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(Italiano) Ritrovata scheda SD in piazza del Duomo

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DRAC 4/P reset password on CentOS7

2017 01 30 update: OpenManage packages updated from v8.1 to v8.4. Removed missing dependency warning.

I have a couple of old Dell R200 with CentOS7. I wanted to add two DRAC 4/P remote management cards I buought on ebay (attention: you must also have the mixed PCI-X-PCI-E riser for this, I used SN N4489; and
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Luigi Iotti

Operating Systems, Network, Security consultant. After graduating cum laude in 1992 at 23, started working as a computer systems engineer in companies in Reggio Emilia; in 2000 founded Lux Servizi.