Atahualpa lives!

The blog you are reading is (was, until yesterday) based on the popular Wordpress CMS. The theme is Atahualpa. Given my inexpertise in the field, I don’t even know why I chose it about ten years ago. But over time I realized that for me it is a gem.
Unfortunately for some years now,
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Casa on CentOS8

Read about Casa, my little appliance for my house.
Reimplemented for the occasion in CentOS8.

The Casa page

RP-PPPoE on CentOS 8

As part of the new implementation of Casa, I needed RP-PPPoE for CentOS 8. As it is no longer, or still, available in Epel, I recompiled the RPM. You can find it in my Lux repo, along with my version of PPP with the network-scripts-ppp package re-enabled. Nice for people like me who
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