New linux-atm packages

New linux-atm packages were published in Lux. These are derived from Fedora, updated to version 2.5.2.
Among other things, these packages attempt an integration of the atm interfaces atm with the bootstrap system of RHEL6/CentOS6.
Altough this component may seem marginal, it is essential to give the system Casa its peculiar advantages.

Lux: Asterisk 2012

The Asterisk packages used in Casa are available in the Lux repository.
These packages are one of the central components that characterize Casa.


Read about Casa, my little appliance for my house

The Casa page

Frank: new packages

Updated Frank packages have been published. Among them, the kernel and related packages derived from Fedora Rawhide with all the usual extensions, xtables-addons, postfix, dovecot , squid ecc. at the last version available.

The Frank page
The repository

Bacula 5.2.6 CentOS5 rpms and Windows file daemon installer

Updated bacula rpms for CentOS5 and my Windows file daemon installer are available for CentOS5.
See the original post for further info.

Lux: new kernel

A new kernel il available in the Lux repository for CentOS6. It is based on the latest centosplus kernel, version 2.6.32-220.4.2.el6.
In addition to the features previously available, ipt-ACCOUNT, IMQ scheduler, Jumbo patch and bridge-ipmode by Julian Anastasov, netfilter-layer7 patch, we added KLIPS, the ipsec stack from Openswan which can optionally be used instead
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