GetIF.exe on Windows 10

2019 06 11 update:

GetIF is still working on Win10 1903. And I found that there’s a somewhat simpler way to make it work in win10:
right click on the getif.exe executable, properties, compatibility and choos to run it in XP sp2 compatibility environment.
Put the two files MSFlxGrd.ocx and MSChrt20.ocx (found in VB60SP6-KB2708437-x86-ENU.msi, see below) in %windir%/SysWOW64. No need to register them, as in the previous method.

This method seems to work with both GetIF v2.2 and v2.3.1, while the previous one worked only for v2.3.1.

Original post:

YASDT@%ck*$ … ehm, Yet Another Simple Dirty Trick For An Old Win10-Fucked-Up Fucking Useful Tool.

I like the old SNMP/MIB tool GetIF.exe. I rarely use it, but when it’s the case, I like it and did not find a suitable substitute (ok, there are many, but non of them is as good as GetIF IMHO).

Too bad I found it was not working on Win 10, precisely 1803. loadlibrary msflxgrd error. VB6, OCX, do you remember?

Short recipe:
download VB60SP6-KB2708437-x86-ENU.msi , the last update for VB6 sp6 MS relased (at least for what I undestand). Link

I did not want to install the whole thing, so only extract MSFlxGrd.ocx and MSChrt20.ocx to %windir%/SysWOW64 (usually c:\windows\SysWOW64)

Open up an administrator cmd.exe, and execute:
regsvr32 c:\Windows\SysWOW64\MSFlxGrd.ocx
regsvr32 c:\Windows\SysWOW64\MSChrt20.ocx



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