About consistent backup of Veeam and vCenter DB

I’m making tests with Veeam Backup & Replication v6.1. It is installed on my vCenter VM. I wanted to make sure to backup the vCenter and the Veeam DB in some consistent way. The first choice was VSS, but soon it turns out that it is not possibile to back up Veeam with VSS turned on; and there qould be other issues, although resolvable, when using VSS becking up the vCenter VM. So I thought about using a vmware tools pre-freeze-script to dump the two DBs before making the backup, like what’s normally done to consistently backup a DB in Linux. So I disabled “application aware image processing” and enabled “Vmware Tools quiescence”. Surprisingly, at least for me, I had the same errors.
It turns out that “Vmware Tools quiescence” in addition to run the pre-freeze-script.bat batch, tries to quesce the system via VSS too. So I need some way to prevent the Tools from invoking VSS, and the only way I find is to uninstall the Tools, and reinstall them excluding VSS support. Having done that, the pre-freeze-script is run before the real backup, the DB dump is performed, and the backup yelds success.

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