New Postfix Admin package

This is my latest Postfix Admin package, version 2.3.5. Personally I prefer the shell, but an interface like this is much more relaxing for provider operators (and for the admin too!).
This package includes three patches that implement some functionality that seem to be indispensable for some providers, to the point of changing a mail system if not available. They are:

  • show passwords allows the operator to see the password of a user, if it is stored in plaintext in the database. Very convenient for customer care operators.
  • horde link if the user’s password is stored in plaintext, allows the operator to directly access the user’s mailbox via Horde IMP. Very convenient for customer care operators.
  • encryption schemes stores the encryption system with the password hash in the db. This permits to have passwords encrypted with different algorythms to coexist in the database, greatly facilitating the transition from one algorithm to another. Inspired by dovecot.

You can like these features or not. If you do not like them (or they do not conform to the policy in use) you can always leave them disabled. They are essential for some people, for others the opposite holds. The choice is yours.

The package
The source

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