New Asterisk and FreePBX packages

The Asterisk and FreePBX packages used on the current version of Casa (and on some of my Linux servers) have undergone a major upgrade. They are available in the Lux repository for CentOS 8 (Almalinux 9 is coming soon).
These packages are one of the central components that characterize Casa.

Please note the peculiar reasons why the FreePBX packages were created, which is to address the original FreePBX tendency to take over the environment in a complete and exclusive way. This have some consequencies, which you may read about in the main package README. And please note the license of the FPBX packages too, which at the moment allows an exclusive non-commercial use. You can easily obtain an exception even with absolutely no payment. These packages were not built to earn from them. The requirement is that they are used in a free manner in a free environment which is going to remain free.

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