Casa is back. Indeed, it has been back for some time nowūüėĀ.

This time the hardware is an HP Microserver with CentOS8 (before, C7 was used). As I pointed years ago in the first Casa implementation, Casa legacy, the best characteristic of Casa is having the Internet IP inteface directly connected, with the public IP address on it, so I can use Casa as my router/firewall as well as my private home server.

The Internet uplink is a PPPoE VDSL connection. So RP-PPPoE was needed but unfortunately it is not available today on C8, while it is on C7 I think in Epel. So I had to recompile the packages for it. You can find them in the Lux repository.

Physically, a PPPoE bridge was needed. I had in an abandoned¬†ZyXEL VMG1312 gifted by a fiend. He dismissed it because it had to be rebooted weekly, even with the last updated FW. Used only as a PPPoE bridge, so no routing, firewalling, connection tracking, wifi etc., it behaves well and it’s running for months now without issues.

Photos and more info to come.